What do professional choral extras do?

  • Sometimes known as “bumpers” or “ringers”, professional choral extras are trained singers who provide support, as necessary, to fill gaps in your choir
  • Provide vocal weight/tone as required to allow a group to perform larger works (such as music by Mahler or Beethoven)
  • Offer support for regular singers if the repertoire is not well-known by the choir
  • Enable a concert to be viable if a section is weak (due to illness, for example), or if the group have been unable to learn the repertoire

What skills do professional choral extras bring?

  • Secure vocal technique and ability to take the lead on a part as required
  • Excellent sight-reading and the ability to pick up a score and read it accurately in the rehearsal on the day of the concert
  • Different weights of voices, as dictated by particular repertoire
  • The right personality to fit in with the group socially
  • An understanding that the function of the choral extra is to support the choir to enable them to achieve their best sound, rather than dominating vocally and upsetting the blend
  • An understanding and respect of the importance of concerts to the regular members of the choir and an appreciation of the hard work put in by the regular choir
  • Encouragement and support to choir members, helping give them the confidence to perform to the best of their abilities
  • Absolute professionalism at all times. Singers are punctual and pleasant to work with
  • Flexibility and adaptability as required